How advertising increases your brand visibility?

How do you decide if you should buy a brand? or to be more precise when does a product become a brand? These are a questions which would be spinning around in every new marketer's mind. Every one knows how to do branding but the difficult part here is implementing it. Brand visibility is all... Continue Reading →


10 things to know about short videos to advertise on snapchat.

The evolution of Snapchat to the current trendsetter for the rest of the social media apps with features like video, filters, stories, and lenses has rendered it as a highly potent marketing app. Here’s how you can use these fantastic video marketing tips to your own success. 1) The story: The Snapchat story having 24-hour continuous... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons why you should invest in video marketing!

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We’ve all heard that “seeing is believing”, to believe something, we need to see it first and that’s how science usually works. That is why it leaves an impactful and lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Videos like corporate films showcase the company’s policy and the work process with its basic idea revolving around company’s vision. Not just the major businesses with massive marketing budget but small businesses too can benefit from it. Promotional videos, video presentations, product demonstration are some of the types of corporate films that businesses use to promote their company. Steps in corporate filmmaking: pre-production, scripting, production, and post-production.

Corporate video production company bangaloreKey benefits of using corporate video to promote your company: 

  • Build Trust With Your Brand: The main aim of using videos in a marketing strategy is to build long-term relationship and trust with its customers.  A viewer will only make a purchase if…

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