Add a magical touch to your music videos…

Documentary Production Services in Bangalore

As one of the leading documentary production services in Bangalore, we have received awards for creating interesting and compelling documentaries for marketing and advertising needs. For all your needs regarding documentary production in Bangalore, we are the right choice for you. Our aim is to create educational, innovative and creative documentary films that show the true essence and purpose of our client companies and customers.

Our team of experienced filmmakers, story writers, creative writers, and post production team have a sound knowledge about the latest trends in the industry and have the potential and dedication to create inspiring documentaries that captures the sentiments and attention of the target consumers. To ensure proper results in our documentary services, we also provide intensive training to our employees including the technical and the post production team for the best results.


The main motto of our work culture is to provide various documentary services to our clients based on topics irrespective of the field and industry. This is the main reason why we provide a wide variety of documentary services based on topics such as nature, wildlife, software companies, television commercials and even commercial films. Due to our dedicated and hard working staff we are one of the trusted services for documentary film making in India. We really care about the inputs and ideas provided by our clients and we take them seriously with the highest priority. We provide documentary filming services across various metropolitan regions of India, and also provide equipments renting services. Our services also include providing support both national and international documentary film making and also provide completely coordinated and professionally produced documentary films to our clients at affordable and reasonable rates. We provide documentary services for various companies and individuals such as:

  • For music videos: we create soul stirring and visually appealing documentaries for music video productions. We assure that our documentaries will provide your music videos that needed magical touch.
  • For startups: we create relatable and understandable documentaries of startups and various other companies to appeal to the target consumers about the client company and their innovations
  • For NGOs and philanthropic organizations: we create compelling and attention grabbing documentaries for NGOs to show the public how their works and services is changing the society and environment
  • For BPOs and Corporate MNCs: our documentaries provide the necessary insight about the company through our interesting and creative story and also encourage the audience to know more about the client company.

Most our documentaries have the power to inspire and drive consumers to know more about the clients that we work and makes the consumers more interested to the client company. One of the factors that make us a trusted brand among document production services is that we have an impressive track record of providing flawless and inspiring works to our clientele at a reasonable and affordable price. We are a leading documentary production services company; and have years of experience and sound knowledge in creating inspiring documentaries for various clients

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