Why incorporate advertising into your marketing strategy.

We are a full-service advertising company in Bangalore operating since 2013. With decades of working experience, our team creates engaging communication for your audiences that allows your brand to be easily recognisable across the advertising space. Equipped with a broad perspective and a strategic vision the team at Visual Connections goes beyond their limits to create advertising that will be interactive and inspiring leaving a good impression on your customer’s minds feeling instantly connected with your brand.  Our team members are dedicated to their work and create engaging brand experiences that will take your brand to the next level.

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Visual Connections, an ad film agency in India creates ad films that connect with consumers on an intellectual and emotional level, motivates the consumers to take action and inspires customer loyalty. Our team consists of experienced animation and graphics artists and with the use of different modes of advertising, we make sure you convey your message across to the right audience.

Major modes of advertising:

Advertisers today have an array of choices at their disposal making it easier for businesses to convey their message to their audience in thousands of ways.  Mentioned below are two of the most popular modes local businesses have been incorporating into their marketing strategy.


Print Media:  As a traditional mode of advertising print media has always been a popular option. It offers options like colorful brochures, low-cost flyers, and posters other print collateral for advertising purposes via newspapers and magazines. Newspaper ads allow flexibility in size, allowing advertisers to choose placements for their ads in the newspapers, the cost varies according to the placement and the size of the ad. Magazines provide not only news but in-depth coverage of specific events that cannot possibly be covered in newspapers. The versatility of print media has made it a popular and an affordable medium to communicate which is why businesses have been using it to get their message across to their customers.

Television:  Television has always remained a trusted platform for news, entertainment, education, culture, and sports. It is considered as the most sought-after form of media in the 21st century with a maximum number of viewers. Today, it is preferred as a major source of information with verified content by the professionals. This is what makes it authoritative and trustworthy.

We are one of the best advertising company in Bangalore and cater to all your advertising needs be it flyer or brochure designing or creating audiovisual content, our creations will let you deliver your message to your audience through the right medium at the right time.

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