10 things to know about short videos to advertise on instagram.


About 8.95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day. Utilising this massive visual traffic flow to your advantage by sharing video graphics ads to build brand awareness and to connect with your audience on a personal level is one of the most cost-effective means of marketing today.

A few of the top ten pointers to be kept in mind before pursuing this avenue of digital marketing are as follows:

  1. The 60 second magic: Tell your brand story to potential buyers by creating short video ads that are under a minute. Video ads with powerful messages or content have the ability to grab the attention of maximum users and also create a lasting impression. Short videos have been known to go viral. Making the most of it during pre-sale or offer periods is advisable.
  2. Set yourself apart from your competition: The right balance of music, words and visual effects could be a game changer in business promotion as well composed videos could make a huge difference in sales.
  3. Give the user insight: Show them a behind the scenes video of your product or service. A story on how you came to be. This will allow them to embark on a journey with your product building trust along the way.
  4. Website redirects: An attractive video ad will entice your users to click the link at the end of the show. Videos are said to attract more monthly visitors, doubles user time spent on the websites and increases page views.
  5. Generate content from your followers: Followers can be requested to share their experiences of the products you offer and in turn, they could be featured on your page. Small clips of subscribers and users compiled to create the one minute long testimonies can build trust among your audience.
  6. Cross channel linking: Use instagram galleries on your sites and vice versa. Help your audience connect to your social accounts with attractive videos on your websites taking direct links from your instagram profiles.
  7. Season time event captures: Using the existing seasons to boost your marketing. Taking your product and featuring event related applications or ‘themed’ videos as you may call it will give the product a sense of appeal to the audience.
  8. Sneak peeks: Known to build suspense, sneak peeks can often be used as teaser trailers that build momentum and interest to make your launch an even bigger success due to the anticipation created among the audience.
  9. Be a stand out: Creating videos that make people want to share is one of the best ways you can grow your brand with marketing on Instagram.
  10. The effective video: Short messages, to the point covering the first thirty second segment of the clip is the most important of these tips. People watching videos of these sorts tend to stay glued to their screens for longer spells.


Whether b2b or b2c, the first step always begins with reaching your audience, engaging them, increasing their sentiment towards your product and finally creating an impact that can generate into a lead. We at visual connections understand these aspects and produce outstanding video content that will turn your business into a brand.

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