10 things to know about short videos to advertise on snapchat.

The evolution of Snapchat to the current trendsetter for the rest of the social media apps with features like video, filters, stories, and lenses has rendered it as a highly potent marketing app. Here’s how you can use these fantastic video marketing tips to your own success.

1) The story:

The Snapchat story having 24-hour continuous video replays is one of the many assets of this social media platform. With the upgrade to reply directly to specific stories, you can receive direct feedback about your products, offers or services. The response to these video content highly proportional to the measure of engagement between you and your customer.

2) Contests and surveys:

Another very important feature of the story being the contests or rather, the question and answer can be used to gain feedback from your customers, followers, and fans. This collection of data could be useful to gain insight for the improvement of a new or an existing product.

3) Customised Geofilters:

Using geofilters to market your product is an easy way to gain a following. Creation of these geofilters is not that difficult even with a minimal graphics design experience. Further, the purchase of your own geofilters along with their parameter settings to get the date, time and period of your choice will ensure that everyone there, at your event, will be ‘snapping’ it.

4) The coupons:

Who doesn’t like freebies or discounts? Snapchat users love it! Being one of the proven strategies for excellent marketing techniques, this method has significantly shown an increase of purchase – especially when the customer has a coupon. Companies in the US have been known to promote their brands through the use of Snapchat videos to the extent that, Displaying snap videos of people previously using their product would get discounts. This among many would be one of the creative options for your snap-video ideas.

5) Advertise pre-launch:

Creating a buildup to the launch of an event or product could increase your following by at least 30-40%. Major league companies like Apple and Samsung have been known to advertise pre-launch months in advance building suspense and curiosity as to what the new iPhone or galaxy will have.

6) Generates curiosity:

A new snap-story that allows your users to view a different dimension of your product every day. This could be a very valuable marketing tip. Nobody wants to see the same story every day, a new one will create a sense of familiarity with your audience. Who knows, maybe at a certain point in time, someone somewhere will see a use of the product that they never thought of before.

7)Promote your product through an influencer:

Many companies have been known to have benefited from video ads featuring an influencer. By keeping the audience glued to their phones, your influencer will have to increase your views and audience tenfold.

8) Snapchat Ads:

In ways similar to those used by Facebook, Snapchat has the means to select your desired audience. Displaying products to those customers that meet your target group has never been easier. Giving away coupons or offers can help you boost your online presence and return on investment.

9) Featuring followers:

They are your customers, after all, you are already in a relationship with them. Help them grow their following as they help you make a sale. Balance it out and make sure you don’t end up over-posting.

10) Creative and to the point:

Like all other advertisements, making something interesting and eye-catching is very important. Visual connections provide you with the service of creating short videos that are accurate and to the point. Priced at affordable rates and completed by professionals, visual connections guarantees you the desired response of your choosing.


Keep things interesting and original, it will be worth your while.Design of the video ads with visual connections can ascertain the immediate click of the advertisement at the end

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