Mobile video trend that you must follow.

The power of utilizing an existing trend to boost sales or in this case views is in unlimited supply if done right. The following are the present trends of mobile viewers


1) 360-Degree Videos Video Streaming takes off:

A research conducted uncovered facts that the number of individuals that watched a 360-degree video was a higher percentage than for a similar video which is not a 360 Degrees. The results of the research concluded that more amount of viewers watch the 360-degree video from start to finish.


These videos work best when it comes to emotive storytelling. This is where organizations, companies can encourage more sales by making their customers feel like part of the story.

Another use of these videos would be where real estate projects are concerned, a 360-degree video is a successful way let somebody feel like they’re looking at the product in person.


2) Multi-device video viewers:

Video watchers nowadays have been noticed to watch Youtube videos even while viewing the television. Good as this may be for those with engaging multi-platform advertisements, it is but obvious that the rest of the video marketers up their game and start advertising across multiple platforms relevant to their target audience.

Read the complete article here.

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